Halfway to our First Birthday!

Hello everyone!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since we came into this big world!  We have come such a long way.  We both enjoy “talking” (mostly Eden, like ALL of the time.)  We both recently rolled over from back to belly and it was very confusing.  We are growing out of a lot of our favorite clothes.  We are wearing 6 and 6-9 month sizes now. Mommy is holding on to some of our old clothing just in case we have a baby sister or brother.  We hear that our siblings are frozen in Austin, Texas!

We are very happy that Mommy is walking around the house better.  She just uses her cane now.  Her physical therapy must be going well.  We hear that her next surgery is scheduled for March 15th.

Daddy is really good at giving us nice, relaxing baths every other night.  It’s our favorite time with him. And every night, Mommy massages our feet with lavender bedtime lotion.

We really like watching Rocky run around the house.  It makes us smile and laugh because he is funny looking and is obviously crazy.

We are excited to travel to Carlyle in early April and can’t wait to meet more of our wonderful family!  Daddy plans on driving through the night so we can sleep the whole way there.  Mommy isn’t sure if she can come along.  She really wants to come with but is nervous about traveling in a giant cast and in pain.  She doesn’t want to miss our first swim in Mammo’s big pool!

Mommy entered us in a photo contest and we are in the lead for the most “likes” on Facebook right now.  If we win, we will get a lot of new outfits!

Thank you for following us as we continue to grow like WEEDS!  :)

Love always,

Eden & Everett Wedekemper

We are 5 Months Old!

Hello to our family and friends!

We are getting so big!  We like to roll on our sides and are getting better at tummy time.  [NOTE: Everett rolled over this week for the first time.]  We like to laugh loud when we get kisses.  Our favorite things are a big bottle (7-8 ounces full please!), being carried around (no, we aren’t spoiled at all!) and sleeping.  We are sleeping through the night well and that makes everyone happy.  We also love sitting on laps outside on the big rocking chairs.

We got snow this month and Dada went outside and made us a really cool snowman.  We can’t wait until we can play in it next winter and make snow angels!

Nana and Papa visited us and helped mommy for a very long time.  They fly home tomorrow and we will really miss them.  Luckily, Nana will be back late next month to help mama out with her second ankle surgery.  We are excited to have some fun time with our babysitters when mama has doctor appointments.

Mama is busy thinking about our first birthday party.  She is obsessed with giraffes, so I think there may be a few animal printed things.  :)  We can’t wait to destroy our pretty little cakes.  Mama also has been making hair bows to coordinate with Eden’s outfits.  She is walking better now with just her cane and continues to go to her physical therapy three times per week.

Dada has been busy running around outside with Rocky and lifting big weights in the garage.  He is a great role model for us… being a big, strong man and all.


Eden & Everett

4 Months Old!

Eden and Everett are growing up very quickly.  They are both sleeping through the night (Thank God!), smiling a lot, and even laughing!  Everett has the cutest little dimples and Eden likes to smile with her tongue out.  In the last few days, she has been squealing like a little piggy when I sing to her.  We are loving every second with these little angels.

We think Eden is teething because she’s been excessively drooling and sucking on anything and everything in front of her.  They have another doctor appointment next week and we can’t wait to see how big they’ve gotten!

I had left ankle surgery almost a month ago.  I’m in my second hard cast and will have it removed late next week.  I am getting around better now on my knee roller and crutches and look forward to beginning physical therapy (and a handicapped parking tag!) in January.

Hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday and enjoy the photos!  :)


Ben, Becca, Eden & Everett

4 months old! IMG_1673 IMG_1680

3 Months Old!

I still can’t believe it!  Our twins are growing up so fast.  They are smiling a lot more, making more noises, and focusing much better.  Everett seems interested in Eden now a bit too.  Eden loves her tummy time and they both seem to like sitting up like big kids in their Bumbo chairs.

After three long months of pumping and nursing, I’ve thrown in the towel.  It was just too difficult to juggle the babies and pump all day long.  Plus, washing the pumping accessories was a nightmare.  (My hands are still chapped.)

We spent a nice Thanksgiving on the Gulf coast.  We stayed four nights in a condo on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The weather was beautiful.  We enjoyed a Thankgiving buffet at the on-site restaurant and the babies really liked lounging on the beach.  So happy we survived our first family vacation!  And mama only forgot a few things.  Ha ha.

Please enjoy these photos from our vacation and our wonderful Aunt Linda who’s currently visiting (and helping tremendously)!

Linda and Everettthanksgiving 2012gulf shores beach 2012becca eden beach 2012

Newborn Photo Shoot

Trick or Treat?!  We are excited to dress up the kiddos in their pea-in-a-pod costumes tonight and pass out candy.

We had a photography session a month ago and want to share their photos with you all.  Please let me know if you would like a specific photograph and I can email attach it for you.

Hope you and your families have a wonderful HALLOWEEN!  :)

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Two Months!

Everett and Eden are TWO months old!  We went to the pediatrician on Monday and they weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 8 pounds, 5 ounces each!  They are staying awake more and are definitely more alert.  They are sleeping in their nursery cribs now.  In a few weeks we will start sleep training.  Eden makes a lot of noises… she often grunts loudly.  Her brother tends to snort when he gets upset.  They are still nursing and receiving expressed breastmilk by bottle… up to four ounces each.  I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up!  They both enjoy being outdoors in the beautiful weather.

All our love,

B&B and E&E

One month old!

Eden and Everett have had a busy first month of life!  They’ve adjusted to life at home after weeks in the NICU and had their first doctor appointment.  They both weighed about six pounds and are growing like weeds!  Because they were premature, they are considered nearly two weeks old as far as development.

My parents have been here helping since my water broke.  We are so incredibly blessed to have the extra hands!  I’m able to get sleep in between my three-hour pumping sessions at night (Thanks to Dad and Ben when they’re on the night shift!).  My mother has been taking care of all of us all the while.  Eden and Everett got a weekend visit from Pam and Gary (a.k.a. Mammo and Grandpa).  They had a great time finally being able to hold their twin grandbabies.  Everyone was also able to watch the babies during their newborn photo shoot on Saturday.

The photo below was taken yesterday.  It’s hilarious to see Everett covering his ears while Eden is fussy.  Here come their little personalities!


Becca & Ben and Eden & Everett

The twins are here!

Everett Thomas and Eden Kay made their arrival on August 29th!  My water broke five days earlier and I was placed on hospital bed rest.  I received medicines to mature their lungs and to slow my contractions.  I was able to get the munchkins out without a c-section.  Everett was born first at 2:58pm and Eden came 10 minutes later.  Everett gave the NICU staff a big scare because he was not breathing.  He was placed on a ventilator and is now breathing without assistance.  Our baby boy was 5lbs 0.1 oz and his sister was 4lbs 12.4 oz.

They have been progressing very well.  They eat 40ml (1-1/3 oz) each every three hours and have no more oxygen tubes or IVs attached.  They both had jaundice but they are no longer under phototherapy lights.  And we are hopeful that this upcoming week, they’ll be able to have their feeding tubes removed and begin to bottle-feed and eventually breastfeed.

Mommy and Daddy have been living at the hospital since my water broke on August 24th.  They provide a spare patient room for discharged patients with infants in the NICU.  Pumping, visiting the babies, and trying to fit in naps keeps me pretty busy.  Ben has been a great help and I don’t think I could’ve stayed there alone all this time.  The NICU is 45 minutes from our home and it would be impractical to commute back and forth when I have to pump every 2-3 hours.  We have had many friends visit us and we are very grateful for all of your support!  My parents have been living at our home on base and watching Rocky for us.  They come to visit every other day per week and have been stocking up our freezer with meals when we get to come home.  We expect to bring them home in another 2-3 weeks, depending on their progress.  We can’t wait to have our family under our roof!  :)

Please enjoy the slideshow of photos from the last week-and-a-half of our beautiful babies.


Becca, Ben, Eden, & Everett

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Maternity Photos!

Please enjoy these pictures that we had taken just in time!  We had no idea that the babies would surprise us less than a week afterwards.


About TEN POUNDS of baby in there!

Yesterday’s OB check-up went very well.  Both babies were head down (hooray!) and very active.  Unfortunately, they’re getting pretty squished in there so getting a good photo is becoming less common.  Eden weighed 4lbs 15oz and Everett was 4lbs 14oz.  They are gaining a half-pound per week, each.  They are growing ahead of average and I have a feeling that they’ll be coming in the next few weeks.  Now that I’m 33 weeks along, I will be going to weekly appointments.  We also discussed our birth plan and a few recent complaints.  My blood pressure was slightly elevated but still acceptable.

Last night around 1:30am there was a lot of excitement in our home.  Before you get the wrong idea, please let me explain… I typically have to use the restroom between 4-6 times overnight.  Well on the second trip of the night (after only being asleep for 2 hours), I had to flip myself over from my right side to my left and then scoot to the edge of the bed and roll myself up to allow my feet onto the floor.  (This is a feat in itself and should deserve a medal or cookie of some kind!)  The (10 pound) weight shift of rolling my body vertical produced a VERY intense and shooting nerve pain in my low-right abdomen.  It was so painful that it actually made me scream at the top of my lungs!  (Cue Ben thinking I’m in active labor.)  I was so shook up after that horrific pain that it took me until 4:30am to fall back asleep.

On the bright side, we had two maternity photo sessions this past weekend and will post the photos when we receive them.  One is from our neighbor who offered to take free (in exchange for a few dinners) pictures to build her growing portfolio.  And the other is the same photographer that we used for our early photos at 5 months (we loved her price and her work!!)

Here’s a bump picture from Sunday for you to enjoy!  :)


B&B and E&E