10 Whole Months!

Everett is a whopper… 22 pounds, 2 ounces and Eden is 20 pounds even!  They both love to crawl (she’s faster) and explore everything.  Eden is pulling up onto things so much that we had to lower her crib all the way down.  She loves to giggle at Rocky through the baby gates.  Everett enjoys taking apart the foam letter mat and tasting each one.  And they’re both infatuated with the laundry basket.

Mommy is planning their late August birthday party!  Per Eden’s request, it will be safari themed.  Animal print everything!  Stay tuned for more details.  :)

Enjoy these photos from the past month, including a very special Father’s Day outdoor shoot!


The Wedekemper Posse

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We’re NINE MONTHS old now!

What an exciting month!  We found out that we are having a baby boy at our Gender Reveal Party.  (Everett is super excited!!)  Our friends gathered around as we cut into our (surprise!) BLUE cake!

Both twins now are sitting up well and have their two bottom teeth.  They are enjoying tasting real food!  I’ve made all the food myself and freeze extra to have on hand in the future.  We are still doing stage one foods and soon we will start blending them together.

Over the holiday weekend, we introduced the munchkins to the outdoor pool!  Everett was cool as a cucumber and by the second day, Eden was enjoying herself too.  She looked absolutely darling in her pink leopard connector bikini!

The kids are now in their convertible (translation: big kid) car seats.  We went to eat yesterday in town and Everett enjoyed his first restaurant high chair experience.  Eden finished her bottle in my arms but she’ll soon be next.

With Love,

The Wedekemper Clan

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8 Months… And we’re pregnant again!

Hello everyone!

Eden and Everett will become big sister and big brother in November.  They are very excited!  They cannot wait to help mama change diapers and gush over their new family member.  This was a very big shock to mommy and daddy!!!

Lately, Eden has been sitting up very well and rolling all over the place.  She loves getting kisses and giggles when they’re near her neck and belly.  She recently started rocking forward and backward while on her hands and knees.  Crawling is just around the corner!

Everett is learning how to sit up but his head keeps throwing his gravity off!  He also lacks the strength in his “core” area.  Haha.  He rolls like his sister and even has his first two teeth!  They are just poking through on the bottom.

Enjoy the photos from this month!


The Wedekemper Clan

7 Months!

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

We are now seven months old and enjoy rolling all over the place and smiling too.  Eden is very ticklish and Everett loves to cuddle.  Everett is very close to winning a Cute Kid photo contest and has requested your help!  If he wins, he will get a $250 gift card (for diapers) and also will be entered for $25,000 in college money!  Just click on the words “Vote here” and then vote for his photo (CUTEST).  Yes, this will be the LAST contest his mommy will enter them in!  :) Vote here!

Enjoy our recent photos!


Eden & Everett

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I’m proud to say that with the support of friends and family, our twins won the photo contest!  I went shopping today and used our gift certificate for clothes and shoes.  Check out what we got for free below!

Also, this weekend the children were introduced to rice cereal and green beans!  Everett was excited to have his rice cereal “dessert” but neither were fans of my green beans.  We will try again for the next few days before moving on to other solids.  On the future menu are banana, avocado, and sweet potatoes.

Enjoy the photos from this weekend!


The Wedekemper Clan

Contest ends on Sunday!

Click here to help us win this photo contest!  If we win, the twins will receive a gift certificate for clothes and shoes.  You must have a Facebook account.

Click the link above and then click LIKE on the photo.  Simple as that!  You can also click SHARE to reach more people.  We are no longer in the need and could use some help!

Thank you!

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Eden & Everett Wedekemper

Help us win a photo contest!

If you have a Facebook account, you can help us!

CLICK HERE and then click LIKE on our photo!  After that, you can also click SHARE to post the photo on your own timeline and increase our audience.

The contest ends this Sunday, March 10th at noon.  You can SHARE it as many times as you like between now and then.  If we win, we will get a gift certificate to a local children’s clothes store.

THANK YOU to all of you that have already helped us!


Eden & Everett Wedekemper

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Halfway to our First Birthday!

Hello everyone!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since we came into this big world!  We have come such a long way.  We both enjoy “talking” (mostly Eden, like ALL of the time.)  We both recently rolled over from back to belly and it was very confusing.  We are growing out of a lot of our favorite clothes.  We are wearing 6 and 6-9 month sizes now. Mommy is holding on to some of our old clothing just in case we have a baby sister or brother.  We hear that our siblings are frozen in Austin, Texas!

We are very happy that Mommy is walking around the house better.  She just uses her cane now.  Her physical therapy must be going well.  We hear that her next surgery is scheduled for March 15th.

Daddy is really good at giving us nice, relaxing baths every other night.  It’s our favorite time with him. And every night, Mommy massages our feet with lavender bedtime lotion.

We really like watching Rocky run around the house.  It makes us smile and laugh because he is funny looking and is obviously crazy.

We are excited to travel to Carlyle in early April and can’t wait to meet more of our wonderful family!  Daddy plans on driving through the night so we can sleep the whole way there.  Mommy isn’t sure if she can come along.  She really wants to come with but is nervous about traveling in a giant cast and in pain.  She doesn’t want to miss our first swim in Mammo’s big pool!

Mommy entered us in a photo contest and we are in the lead for the most “likes” on Facebook right now.  If we win, we will get a lot of new outfits!

Thank you for following us as we continue to grow like WEEDS!  :)

Love always,

Eden & Everett Wedekemper

We are 5 Months Old!

Hello to our family and friends!

We are getting so big!  We like to roll on our sides and are getting better at tummy time.  [NOTE: Everett rolled over this week for the first time.]  We like to laugh loud when we get kisses.  Our favorite things are a big bottle (7-8 ounces full please!), being carried around (no, we aren’t spoiled at all!) and sleeping.  We are sleeping through the night well and that makes everyone happy.  We also love sitting on laps outside on the big rocking chairs.

We got snow this month and Dada went outside and made us a really cool snowman.  We can’t wait until we can play in it next winter and make snow angels!

Nana and Papa visited us and helped mommy for a very long time.  They fly home tomorrow and we will really miss them.  Luckily, Nana will be back late next month to help mama out with her second ankle surgery.  We are excited to have some fun time with our babysitters when mama has doctor appointments.

Mama is busy thinking about our first birthday party.  She is obsessed with giraffes, so I think there may be a few animal printed things.  :)  We can’t wait to destroy our pretty little cakes.  Mama also has been making hair bows to coordinate with Eden’s outfits.  She is walking better now with just her cane and continues to go to her physical therapy three times per week.

Dada has been busy running around outside with Rocky and lifting big weights in the garage.  He is a great role model for us… being a big, strong man and all.


Eden & Everett

4 Months Old!

Eden and Everett are growing up very quickly.  They are both sleeping through the night (Thank God!), smiling a lot, and even laughing!  Everett has the cutest little dimples and Eden likes to smile with her tongue out.  In the last few days, she has been squealing like a little piggy when I sing to her.  We are loving every second with these little angels.

We think Eden is teething because she’s been excessively drooling and sucking on anything and everything in front of her.  They have another doctor appointment next week and we can’t wait to see how big they’ve gotten!

I had left ankle surgery almost a month ago.  I’m in my second hard cast and will have it removed late next week.  I am getting around better now on my knee roller and crutches and look forward to beginning physical therapy (and a handicapped parking tag!) in January.

Hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday and enjoy the photos!  :)


Ben, Becca, Eden & Everett

4 months old! IMG_1673 IMG_1680