Under One Roof

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Hello friends and family,

I’m happy to announce that our family is finally together forever under one roof!  While we purchased our home in Georgia back in May, it wasn’t until late October that Ben completed his career in the United States Air Force.  He brought the kids and the dog and poof!  we are a real family.

Make that a pretty sick family.  Our forever home is covvered in numerous medicines, antibiotics, tissues, and God knows what else.  Eden was diagnosed with a double ear infection today following three days of high fever.  This situation was inevitable when the children started full-time at a new “school”.  The twins are in a Christian Pre-K program and Bennett is preschool, but really a daycare.  Our little guy is experiencing extreme separation anxiety while the twins are excelling sharing the same class. Eden can write her own name!  They enjoy doing crafts, playing outside, and of course, watching Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse.

Ben has a few promising job leads in aviation however it may take months for everything to get in order transitioning to the civilian/FAA world.

Just in the last few months, we have been writing checks left and right for various, sometimes major, house repairs.  Plumbing, drywall, flooring, painting, roofing, you name it.  Hopefully, it will be calm for a little while in that department.  I’m fortunate to be able to work from home much this fall/winter since becoming an instructor.

We will not be mailing Christmas cards this year, just a handful to immediate family.  Thank you for understanding.  Ben and I will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary next month. I’m curious to see if I could still fit into my wedding gown!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.  We will pray for peace and security this year.


Rebecca, Ben, Everett, Eden & Bennett


It’s warming up!

Spring is in the air and we couldn’t be more happy than to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!  Mommy and Daddy got us new big kid bikes and we took them out today for a spin.  My head is so big that Mommy had to go to the store yesterday to buy me a bigger helmet.  Apparently, my noggin is the size of a 5 year olds!  We are getting the hang of riding the bikes but it’s hard when we lose our momentum on the uphill driveway.

Mommy and Daddy are looking at houses in Atlanta for our expected move this summer.  I can’t wait to be in a bigger home!  Mommy has been working hard trying to get the paperwork all done and us registered in pre-K and preschool in the fall.

Below you’ll see our first day of preschool pictures and our new bikes!

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Until next time,


Gobble, Gobble

Happy Fall, Y’all!  Oh dear, I think I’m developing a thick southern accent. It’s cooling off here and I’m getting in the holiday mood big time.

Everett and I celebrated our 3rd birthday in late August at a bouncy house place with all of our friends.  We loved the yummy cupcakes and the Dora the Explorer theme!

We recently returned from a family cruise in the Caribbean with both sets of grandparents. We held baby sea turtles, swam in a lagoon in Mexico and ate our hearts out on the ship. Bennett turned two-years-old in the Gulf of Mexico. How cool, right?

Lately, my siblings and I have been hard at work making turkey and reindeer crafts and playing with gingerbread play-doh.

I also just jumped on the potty training bandwagon.  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me!  I have special Frozen and Mickey Mouse underwear!!!

We we wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy our pictures!

Love, Eden

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Goodness gracious, it’s super warm outside here in the Mississippi summer!  Nana and Papa are still taking care of us while Mommy is recovering from ankle surgery.  She’s 6 weeks post-operation right now and is only using one crutch.  I keep handing her the other crutch because I’m so used to her using both.  I am very helpful.  I like to hand everyone everything that is theirs.  Water bottles, phones, you name it.  I’m on the job.

Everett and Eden are learning their number and letters with their new flash cards lately.  They’re so smart!  I still don’t pronounce the first letter of anything that I say.  In case you were wondering, I have a very large vocabulary.  Some of my favorite words are “ater” (water), “asses” (glasses), and “ook” (book).  I like to keep everyone guessing.

I’ve been told that we are moving to a new, bigger house in a far away place called Texas.  Rumor has it that I’ll be moved out of the closet and into a room sharing with my big brother.  Eden is pretty high-maintenance and will have her very own room.  Mommy and Daddy should be closing on the house in a week!  It’s been stressing her out like crazy with all the paperwork, utilities, doctor changes, and such.  Hope she calms down soon!

Enjoy my pics, friends and family!

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Love, Bennett


Hello everyone!

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost here!  It sure feels like it here in Mississippi, today it’s 82 degrees out.

What’s new with us?  Here’s the low-down.

* Easter was awesome!  Lots of toys and we dyed real eggs!!!

* The twins hardly nap anymore (at least for anyone other than our nanny, Britanie).  So Mommy has bought them personalized nap mats and daily quiet time activities.

* We enjoyed a short, fun trip to Florida to visit our Grandparents, Mammo and GrandPA!  We made sandcastles and learned to swim with water wings in their pool.  So much FUN!!!

* Mommy is flying with Delta and has been to wonderful places like San Juan and Seattle.  Later this month, she’ll get to go to Dublin and London too!  She’s logging major flight time and bracing for yet another ankle surgery next month.

* We are SO VERY EXCITED to be moving to San Antonio in early August.  The twins will go to pre-school two days a week and I’ll have the house ALL to myself!  Nana and Papa are going to come out and help us during Mommy’s recovery and through our relocation.

* Mommy and Daddy are going to try and potty-train my brother and sister this weekend.  Mommy said she may need to get another case of Chardonnay.

* Daddy and his squadron buddies flew a cross-country to Ft. Myers this past weekend and enjoyed some beach time at Mammo and GrandPA’s beach house.  Lucky dogs!

Enjoy the show.

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Changes, Changes

These first few months of 2015 have flown by!  We’ve had quite a few changes lately. Mommy finished her training at Delta and now has a Boeing 757 and 767 type rating!  She came home to play with us three times, once was 10 days long!  She’s waiting on her “OE” (operating experience) to be scheduled where she’ll get to fly the real plane with passengers.  It should be in a week or two.  While she was gone most of February and March, Daddy took us to the park for picnics and even let us play in mud puddles (don’t tell mom!) Daddy has decided to decline his next assignment with the Air Force.  It would make it difficult on our family for him to leave for training, move all of us to the middle of the country and make Mommy’s work commute longer as well.  We plan to finish the rest of his military commitment here in Mississippi. He’s nervous about leaving active duty but plans on flying in the Air Force Reserves. Did I mention I got to see snow for the first time?  Really COOL, get it?!  Ha ha.  I also got my very first haircut!  Mommy wasn’t ready but Daddy said it was time. Eden, Everett, and myself are officially off the pacifier.  I didn’t have a tough time getting off, but my siblings sure did.  There’s been a lot of crying in the house lately.  Phase II includes my siblings transitioning into boosters from high chairs and eating off of plates and drinking from cups!  Phase III will be moving from cribs to toddler beds because they are climbing out a lot.  And the last phase is potty training.  That’ll be a mess!  Glad that I don’t have to do that yet. Enjoy the show!

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Love, Bennett

Welcome to 2015!

Hello family and friends,

We know we haven’t posted in awhile and we’re sorry!  We’ve been so busy lately!

We spent a wonderful Christmas here at home.  We had traditions like Eden putting up the tree, baked sugar cookies for Santa and opened TONS of gifts!  We then traveled to Illinois to see Daddy’s side of the family over New Years.  We enjoyed playing with our other little cousins and being spoiled with toys and lots of hugs.  We loved playing in Memphis at the Pizza Company with a Tiny Town along the way.

We all got sick with RSV plus our parents and the nanny.  It was pretty brutal but we’re happy to say we are all better now!

Our “Auntie Jodie” and her son, Gabe came to visit us too!  We had a lovely time playing in the park and spending a girl’s morning out at Starbucks!

Mommy quit her job and SkyWest Airlines and starts with Delta Air Lines next week.  She’s really nervous but excited too!  She knows she’ll be based in New York City and will find out her aircraft on the first day of class.

Mommy and Daddy went to a magical place called California for a few nights.  They really needed to get away!  They wine tasted in Napa and Sonoma Valley, drove to the Pacific Coast through Point Reyes Seashore and then went to downtown San Francisco.  They biked over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and then took a ferry boat back to the city past Alcatraz.  ‘

Bennett is getting all of his molars and is a drooling machine!  He likes to do “yoga” and is constantly in downward dog.  He likes to grab adult’s necks and “tickle them”.  Thank God Mommy and Daddy cut our fingernails!  Daddy says that we boys need haircuts but Mommy likes our curls.  Eden has a grin that will make you forget that she was in time-out multiple times per day.  She still enjoys being carried and held most of the time.  We are doing so well at speech therapy and are saying second syllables often.  Everett is so smart!  He can recite the alphabet and count to ten (when prompted)!  He likes to create things with his blocks and work on his wooden puzzles,

We hope you enjoy our show!

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Everett, Eden and Bennett.

I’m ONE!!!

Hello World,

I’m officially a big boy!  I turned one last week.  We celebrated my Pookie Bear party with family and friends!  We had sandwiches, fruit, cupcakes and more!  While I didn’t like my smash cake too much, I enjoyed snuggling with everyone and bouncing in the bouncy castle!

I’m walking pretty well but I still fall over.  I’m the cutest thing there ever was.  Enjoy my photos!

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11 Months!

In one month, I’ll be ONE YEAR OLD!  We went to the Pumpkin Patch last week and had a blast!  I sat in the stroller most of the time and Mommy and Daddy took the kids on a train and a big slide!

Mommy is super busy at work and planning my birthday party.  She takes my sister and brother to gymnastics every week.  Daddy spends the weekends with us and we love our special time with him.  We love playing and watching football with him.

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Enjoy my pics!

Love, Bennett

TEN months

I’m an explorer just like my mommy.  I scale around furniture and crawl faster than the speed of light.  I like saying, “baba” and “dada”.  I have EIGHT teeth!  I like giving [slobbery, open-mouthed] kisses to anyone who holds me.  I like to follow my big brother and sister around but they usually take my toys.  

My parents spoiled me on vacation to Colorado and New Mexico so I prefer to be carried everywhere now.  I really loved staying in my first earthship in Taos, New Mexico.  It was so awesome to live in a self-sustainable home and watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the mountains.  I loved my first hike into the Rio Grande Gorge.  My favorite part of Taos was having my parents ALL to myself!  

I’m a chunk and I pretty much eat anything you put in front of me.  I prefer to be spoon-fed unless it’s rice puffs or yogurt bites.  

The twins turned two years old and Nana and Papa threw them a Mickey Mouse birthday party at their cabin home in Colorado.  There was lots of people and games and toys!  Nana had to ship a lot of stuff back too!  We had a wonderful visit with my mama’s family and we can’t wait to go back.  Hopefully, my siblings (read: Eden) will behave better next time on the airplane and while traveling.  Mommy is planning my “Pookie Bear First Birthday Party” next month.  I’m super excited because I hear that I’ll get cake!!!

Enjoy the show!

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