Pumpkin Patch Pics!

We had a quick visit to the local Pumpkin Patch today and snapped some family photos.  It was getting pretty warm outside and Everett wasn’t sure about all the unfamiliar noises and round orange objects everywhere.  🙂

Happy Fall, y’all!

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Becca, Ben, Eden, Everett, and baby Bennett

Any Day Now…

I’m 37 weeks and feeling it!  This belly is OUT OF CONTROL.  From the back pain to the kicks in the ribs, this last month is starting to drag.  Luckily, I’m considered “full-term” at this point so hopefully Bennett will be born and head to the nursery instead of the NICU.

Last week, my Obstetrician said I was 80% effaced but not yet dilated.  He was measuring 2 weeks ahead on the ultrasound and I’m expecting to have our third child sooner than later!

I’m keeping busy with crocheting and my Thirty-One parties.  Oh, and the twins take up a lot of time too!  I’m so blessed that my parents have come out to help because I was really hanging on by a thread.  Please keep me in mind when doing your Christmas shopping because Thirty-One has great gift options.  They also have amazing monthly specials, October is 50% off travel items when you spend $35!  I’m absolutely in love with our products as you can tell.  To shop our catalog, please go to…. http://www.mythirtyone.com/rebeccawedekemper

Please enjoy the slideshow of the kids, my baby shower, the annual Air Force Ball, and a couple goofy pictures Ben wanted to take tonight of my gigantic belly.

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Becca & The Posse

Maternity Photo Shoot!

I’m 34 weeks along today and I’m feeling it!  Lately, I’ve had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions and I’m feeling tired, tired, tired.  I no longer have ankles, they’re more tree-trunks lately.  And I’m battling the heartburn with both Zantac and TUMS.  I’m getting a feeling that Bennett may come sooner than later so I’ve got my hospital bag mostly packed and his newborn and 0-3 month clothes washed and put in the dresser.  The plan is to have him sleep in a pack-and-play inside our walk-in closet for a few months. This will make it easier on me to feed him round the clock as well as keep him out of the 2nd bedroom where my parents will be staying.  Once they depart, we will move him into that bedroom’s closet.  We still have yet to purchase the crib that will fit into the closet since it will just take up space now.  Hopefully, our next move will be into a four bedroom home!

Last night we “partied” at the Air Force Ball, an annual formal event of which Ben just happened to be in charge.  It was very successful and we are very happy that this big project is finally over.  This will allow him more time at home and to finish his Master’s class.  It will also look very good for his promotion (hopefully) to Major next year.

Last weekend we had professional family maternity photos taken near our home on base.  It was pretty warm outside and Eden wasn’t radiating her usual grin but we got some good shots regardless.



The Wedekemper Posse

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Hurry up to get in on the party!

I’m very excited to share with you all that I’ll be closing out my first Thirty-One party tomorrow!  Please check out my website to browse the hottest fall accessories. Personalize practically anything to make it one-of-a-kind!  We have great purses, totes, and more to keep you organized and stylish.  Our monthly special is too good to pass up!  When you spend $35,  get a Super Organizing Tote or Organizing Utility Tote for 50% OFF.


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All orders must be received by tomorrow, Wednesday September 18th at 8pm central time.  You can order after this by just contacting me.  🙂

Thank you for your support!



Mommy’s New Adventure!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m a new consultant for Thirty-One!  I absolutely adore their products.   I couldn’t find anyone that I knew to purchase these personalized accessories from so I got involved!  Now I’m able to get free and discounted bags while contributing to our family income.  My online party was a success and I’m throwing a party here in a few weeks too.

The new fall catalog is out and it’s HOT HOT HOT!  Plus, our monthly special is great… Spend $35 and get a Super Organizing Tote or Organizing Utility Tote for only $25 and $15, respectively.  My favorite products are the Large Utility Tote (I have three!), Retro Metro Weekender, Thermal Tote, and Super Organizing Tote!  These make wonderful birthday and holiday gifts.  From beauty essentials to home organization, the possibilities are endless.

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Thank you for supporting me in my new journey!  🙂

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Can you believe that one year ago, we came into this amazing world?  We have seen and learned so much!  We are both crawling everywhere and Eden is getting around good pushing her little walker toy.  She also is getting a lot of her top teeth now and loves show off her grill!  Mommy calls her a little hillbilly because only one of her front teeth is through.

Our Great Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave visited us a few weeks ago and we enjoyed every moment!  They were such a huge help with cooking and feeding us.  We miss you!

We both had a wonderful birthday party last weekend.  Lots of our friends from base came to celebrate with us.  Also, our daddy’s side of the family came down and we really enjoyed playing with them, especially our cousin, Myla!  It was so great to be passed around and spend quality time with everyone.  We really appreciate them joining us on our BIG DAY!   And we also really loved smashing our birthday cakes!  I wasn’t bashful and just dove right in.

We are eating a lot of table foods now and are excited every time we sit in our high chairs.  Mommy [almost] always cooks us something delicious.  Eden prefers sweeter foods and I eat just about anything!  We both go crazy for blueberries.

Enjoy our photos from the last month!


Everett & my ‘little’ sister Eden

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11 months!

Hi world!

Can you believe that we will be turning ONE next month!?  Crazy to think about!  Mommy and Daddy say that time has flown.

We love to crawl all around!  It’s fun to make our parents work hard to get us to sit still for a photo.  We like laughing at each other and playing together.  We enjoy ripping apart our foam alphabet mat because Mommy has to put it back together.  Haha.

Mommy’s belly is growing bigger, she says our baby brother is now the size of a head of lettuce.  We are really confused about that!  She sure must like those TUM’S candy too.

Nana and Papa watched us for nearly a week so our parents could go to Jamaica and relax.  They were smiling when they returned and we missed them very much.  We had a great time while they were away and spent our first Fourth of July with our Grandparents.

We took our very first airplane trip to North Carolina!  Included in that vacation were other firsts for us… elevator, airport train, and boat!  So exciting to see a different place and snuggle with our good friends, Ron and Jenn George.  We even got to see their children, Ella & Luke, get baptized.  Such a special weekend.  🙂

Enjoy these pictures from the last month!

Eden & Everett

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10 Whole Months!

Everett is a whopper… 22 pounds, 2 ounces and Eden is 20 pounds even!  They both love to crawl (she’s faster) and explore everything.  Eden is pulling up onto things so much that we had to lower her crib all the way down.  She loves to giggle at Rocky through the baby gates.  Everett enjoys taking apart the foam letter mat and tasting each one.  And they’re both infatuated with the laundry basket.

Mommy is planning their late August birthday party!  Per Eden’s request, it will be safari themed.  Animal print everything!  Stay tuned for more details.  🙂

Enjoy these photos from the past month, including a very special Father’s Day outdoor shoot!


The Wedekemper Posse

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We’re NINE MONTHS old now!

What an exciting month!  We found out that we are having a baby boy at our Gender Reveal Party.  (Everett is super excited!!)  Our friends gathered around as we cut into our (surprise!) BLUE cake!

Both twins now are sitting up well and have their two bottom teeth.  They are enjoying tasting real food!  I’ve made all the food myself and freeze extra to have on hand in the future.  We are still doing stage one foods and soon we will start blending them together.

Over the holiday weekend, we introduced the munchkins to the outdoor pool!  Everett was cool as a cucumber and by the second day, Eden was enjoying herself too.  She looked absolutely darling in her pink leopard connector bikini!

The kids are now in their convertible (translation: big kid) car seats.  We went to eat yesterday in town and Everett enjoyed his first restaurant high chair experience.  Eden finished her bottle in my arms but she’ll soon be next.

With Love,

The Wedekemper Clan

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8 Months… And we’re pregnant again!

Hello everyone!

Eden and Everett will become big sister and big brother in November.  They are very excited!  They cannot wait to help mama change diapers and gush over their new family member.  This was a very big shock to mommy and daddy!!!

Lately, Eden has been sitting up very well and rolling all over the place.  She loves getting kisses and giggles when they’re near her neck and belly.  She recently started rocking forward and backward while on her hands and knees.  Crawling is just around the corner!

Everett is learning how to sit up but his head keeps throwing his gravity off!  He also lacks the strength in his “core” area.  Haha.  He rolls like his sister and even has his first two teeth!  They are just poking through on the bottom.

Enjoy the photos from this month!


The Wedekemper Clan